Delicious Food Carvings

Pictured here is a wonderful Lebanese dish that I made last night called ‘bazella’. Bazella literally means peas, but it also refers to this dish of peas and carrots, usually accompanied by chunks of lamb in the same pot. I made the vegetarian version. This is so much more than just peas and carrot. They are simmered in a broth of onions, tomatoes, spices, and in the end, a ton of cilantro and fresh lemon juice is thrown in. Good, simple soul food.

I decided to get busy in the kitchen today and make mini spinach pies, or ‘fatayer bi sbanikh’. I ended up making so much dough and didn’t have enough of the spinach filling, so I had to get creative. First, the spinach being rolled up in the whole wheat dough.

spinach cheese pie


Then, fresh out of the oven, steaming hot.


I also filled some with the leftover vegan cheese I had from the pizza I made the other day, then I made a few zaatar bread (zaatar is an Arabic spice made of sesame seeds, sumac, and thyme, traditionally eaten with bread), and I even filled one with some dark vegan chocolate I had sitting in the cupboards. Yum! Eventually, I ran out of fillings and had to bake the rest of the dough as rolls. I will freeze them and pull them out when needed.

That’s the zaatar bread.

Zaatar Bread


I plan on making a ton of spinach filling next time I make these. Over the next few months, I will make a batch every couple weeks or so and freeze it. They freeze really well, and I want something that I can take out of the freezer and heat up and eat within 5 minutes when baby E is here. I don’t usually buy anything with wheat flour in it, and if I make anything, it is always whole wheat. This is a good exception, as it is mostly spinach and a very good convenience food that can be frozen.

After eating a few bowls of bazella, followed by the taste-testing of spinach pies, and the various other filled pies, I passed out on the bed. Now I’m off to wash dishes and then go for my nightly freezing walk.

If you have any doubt feel free to contact us here.

Cookie Tins

I picked up a few cookie tins at the dollar store, as well as some Christmas-y lining paper. Tonight Todd and I baked lots of cookies and packaged them in these tins to send off to his parents and his sisters. Todd also made a CD for his sister’s husband. And we’re done with that side of the family. Bonus: I get to ship them all to one location, as the in-laws will be visiting the sister-in-law in San Diego.

As for this side of the “family” (mine), we’re still trying to figure out how to avoid Christmas, with my grandmother being sick and the whole “it might be her last Christmas” guilt trip that we’re getting. Apparently, my harsh letter expressing my absolute unwillingness to be a part of Christmas doesn’t mean anything. Bastard I wanted to enjoy some grilled mouth-watering dishes but everything is spoiled.

Christmas Cookie Tins:

Cookie Tins

Due to all that fun, nerve-wracking driving that I did in the last week, my right shoulder is absolutely killing me. The pain is shooting up my neck and down to my legs. Todd has been diligently massaging it, but I have no idea how I’m going to get to work tomorrow. Oh, that’s right – yet another reason to not go in! At this rate, we’ll be broke in no time. Weeee!

I can always sell my body. There’s got to be someone out there who wants a hormonal poofy pregnant lady, right? Ha, ha, ha.