In for some Grill? Try these mouth-watering recipes out

A perfectly grilled and juicy steak is hard to turn down any day. After all who does not love the smoky flavor and smell right? But grilled dishes aren’t always about chicken legs or steaks. There’s more to grilling than that. So today we decided to take a tour around and compile this list of 5 mouth-watering grill recipes that are simply hard to miss out on.

Stuffed Jalapenos

Want to tickle your spice buds? Well this combination of bacon, some cheese and cream layered into jalapeno peppers, covered with foil and grilled till cooked well is exactly what you need.

Usually served fried with breadcrumbs, the grill version adds not only a healthy touch but also flavors you’d miss out on otherwise. In case you prep them over night for a party simply refrigerate it and grill accordingly.


Blue Cheese burgers

What’s a burger if it isn’t grilled right? And these blue cheese burgers are simply too hard to resist. If grilled right they’ll come out as one of the moistest and flavorsome burgers you’ll ever taste and thus are the perfect burger recipe for any restaurant.

To take the health quotient up a notch we would recommend you switch to whole grain buns but otherwise it tastes best with English muffins.


Flank Steak

A grill recipe list isn’t ever complete without a steak but this isn’t an ordinary steak recipe. These flank steaks combined together with some cilantro and almond pesto packs an awesome spicy punch.

So if you love steak add this to the top of the list. Grilling should take about 5-6 minutes. Once done, slice them diagonally as thin as possible. For the dip recipe, check out the video below.


Arugula and yellow tomato veggie salad

Any vegetarians in the house? Well here’s a veggie salad you’ll love. It’s a perfect evening salad to cool off on hot summer days. The smokiness and other flavors of the grilled onions, red peppers combined together with the arugula and sweetness of the yellow tomato add a refreshing touch.

This salad is easy to prep and should take about 2-3 minutes on the grill and thus makes the perfect on the go lunch for office goers.


Spicy chicken and chutney (Indian Style)

Need a quick yet yummy Indian dish for dinner tonight with your guests? This grilled chicken with Indian spices and tomato chutney is the ideal recipe. Takes about 20 minutes to cook and is the perfect combo of sweet and spicy.

You can further serve it with some steamed rice or other grilled veggies like broccoli, beans, carrots etc. This is one Indian dish I am glad I’ll never have to pay for.


Grilled salsa

Bored of the regular, sweet salsa? Here’s a one with a smoky twist and will make sure those boring nachos or grilled fish don’t taste the same again. Here’s what you need to do for it.


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