URSA Hibernates.

It is with sadness and promise that we are announcing URSA is closing its doors at 924 Queen St. West. Over the course of our time here, we've been blessed by your patronage, humbled by your support and enamoured by the joy that was had at URSA.

It's now time to hibernate and gather strength for the spring.

The past three years have been an extraordinary adventure as we've strived to push the frontier of Canadian cuisine and bring the richness of the boreal and freshwater ecology to the forefront of our gastronomic practice. It was and continues to be our deep conviction that as creators and consumers of food, we must respect the traditions that allow for our sustenance. We have seen that the wealth of our food systems depend on the health of our farms and waters, and the well-being of their caretakers and producers. URSA lives these values.

Extending our infinite gratitude to all who have supported us, we would like to thank our producers and suppliers, our staff, their families and our friends.

URSA looks to the future and is excited by what those harvests will bring. When we surface from our slumber we will continue the task of discovery - finding better ways to eat and to live.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Jacob Sharkey Pearce